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Stephanie Jade

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March 21, 2019

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Rehearsal Dinner

So You’re Thinking About Your Rehearsal Dinner

The day before your wedding is such a fun day! All of your friends and family gather around to prepare for the special occasion. The big question is, “What do I need to do for my rehearsal dinner?” This is a wonderful opportunity to relax, eat good food, and soak in the excitement of getting married! It’s basically a big party before the big day!

When planning your rehearsal dinner, the first thing to decide is what kind of party you want to have! Are you looking for a relaxing BBQ with your close family and friends? A fancy dinner with an extended guest list? Or a mix of the two?

Besides planning out what food to serve, you can plan out other things to do as well, such as the following:

Use the dinner as a time to thank all of your guests for coming, give a speech, or even hand out wedding party gifts.

The rehearsal dinner is the perfect time for these things because you have more flexibility to take the time and give your thanks or open gifts!

 Do You Need a Photographer For The Rehearsal Dinner?

Even though this event is less formal, it’s no less special or less fun! You’ll want to capture all of the tender moments and fun memories made, and keep them forever.

You’ll be grateful when you’re able to look back and see those pictures of you and your maid of honor laughing, you and your sister hugging, your mom smiling from ear to ear as you thank everyone for coming, all the good stuff! 

As the bride and groom, you’ll most likely want to have videoing of the night as well. You will love being able to re-listen to the Best Man’s speech, or remember the hilarious joke your dad told before making a toast.

It’s also a prime opportunity to get pictures with your best friends and cousins, without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.


What If My Budget Can’t Afford The Extra Hours of Photography?

If you can’t afford to pay a professional photographer or videographer to cover the rehearsal dinner, don’t sweat it!

While it would be ideal, you don’t have to have a professional there! If this is the case for you, consider having someone you know film the important moments and snap some pictures for your memories!


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