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Stephanie Jade

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March 23, 2019

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Maddy + K | Windy Antelope Island first look


Antelope Island First Look

If you like pretty people in pretty places, then you should probably consider being a photographer. That’s pretty much all my job is and its amazing! If you need more proof, just keep on reading and check out this gorgeous couple and scenery. I was so lucky to have the chance to photograph these lovebirds’ first look photo shoot. And I’m swooning over it.

Maddy and K are so in love and they are so CUTE together. Oh, man, does he love her. I mean, just look at the way he looks at her. During this Utah wedding first look photo shoot, we spent our time hiking on the mountain and celebrating love! First looks are so romantic and this one definitely reminded me of how special it is that I get to capture the love of others on camera all the time.

During this Antelope Island first look, it was a little cold and the sky was over cast but the lighting and the mood was perfect! This couple rocked the camera lens and their first look adventure session turned out beautiful!

Pro tip:

If you aren’t worried about your shoes being photographed during your adventure session- wear some outdoor shoes! This will keep your feet warm and also make hiking around easier. However, I get asked all the time if people hike in there heels and the answers is YES, absolutely. You can totally do it,  it is up to you!

Maddy dances for UVU, so stay tuned for some epic dance shots on their wedding day!



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