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Stephanie Jade

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June 26, 2020

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Moab Utah Elopement | Brook and Chris


February 2020 I had the chance to shoot with the royal fox society out in MOAB! If you haven’t ever been to Moab, Utah. Scroll down, send me an email, and I’m going to take you there. FOR REAL. There is nowhere like Moab! it’s a little town nestled between 2 national parks; Arches(aka my fav) and canyonlands!

Here are a few things you need to know about planning a trip to Moab:

Time of year

Don’t let the red rocks fool you into thinking that this place is a hot dry desert all year about. Moab is located in Utah- home to the Greatest Snow on earth. The summers in Moab are hot but the winters can be on the cold side. Expect to see some snow-covered rocks if you visit in the Winter.


Small Town

Moab is a small town about a 4-hour drive from any airport. However, This small town brings millions of people from all over the world in one over summer so if you come during the busy season be prepared for a little traffic.


Get A Pass

If you are visiting Moab, I recommend getting a national park pass. If you go more than twice it’s worth it AND it lasts for a whole year. So you use that bad boy at any park, in any state, all year.



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