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Boulder mountain Utah elopement. Stephanie jade photography


Stephanie Jade

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June 26, 2020

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Shaunessy + Brett | Poppy field wedding photos

Just your classic Texas Roadhouse love story right here.

Brett and Shaunessy met working at Texas roadhouse- and as im writing this, I’m wondering why they didn’t bring any rolls to their photo shoot. Rude. haha, that would have been delicious!

Anyway, you know how it goes. The smell of honey-butter is in the air, the room is filled with vibrant music and peanut shells, and the next thing you know, you are engaged and buying a puppy together. It was inevitable really.

I loved their photoshoot. The field, the outfits, the vibe, the love! It all added up to create some amazing photos!


Boulder mountain Utah elopement. Stephanie jade photography

Boulder mountain Utah elopement. Stephanie jade photography wedding hair inspo poppy wedding photos cali wedding photos utah wedding photos

As you can see by these photos, these 2 are PERFECT for each other. Not to mention their dog is ADORABLE!  I love that they incorporated their dog into their engagement photos! If any of you out there read this, and think to yourself: I would love to get cute family pics with my dog… I’m your girl!!! Lets make it happen!

But in all seriousness, these two are the perfect example of what I love about photography. I love getting to capture beautiful moments of people who have found something so special in each other. It really is an incredible thing to be a part the start of someones forever!


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