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Stephanie Jade

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February 16, 2020

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Jack and Tay- San Francisco photo shoot

Jack and Tay – Not an engagement session but still cute

I had the beautiful opportunity to meet up with Tay and Jack for this fun photoshoot in northern California. Oh. My. Word. This couple and this dreamy location made for an epic adventure session on the hills just north of San Francisco!

They may only be 20 years old but These 2 are a POWER couple. Full of ambition and passion to help others live a healthier lifestyle. You might find this hard to believe but they actually met at the gym. How perfect! haha!

We started our evening out somewhere near Mier Wood National Monument.

It was one of those- follow us up this steep windy road and we will pull over when we get to the right spot- kind of locations. As you can tell from the photos, it was totally worth it. We stopped only for a few minutes because the real destined was on top.  Like, On top of the world. Ok jk, But it may be my new favorite location on the planet. Take a scroll through these photos and you will understand why.


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