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Stephanie Jade

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November 9, 2018

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Sunrise engagements – Taylor and RJ

Whats more beautiful than watching the sunrise in the morning? Watching the sunrise in the morning from behind a camera lens with two stunning love birds in my view! With a groom from England and a bride from Salt Lake City, these two definitely made a stunning shoot!
The preparation behind this shoot was actually a lot of fun! These two drove to my home in Brigham City, Utah all the way from Salt lake and slept on my living living room floor the night before the shoot! Then we were up bright and early to get ready, and make it to the spot just in time to snap some sunrise pictures!
They met at Utah State and have been in love for two years! Taylor Says “We met at our university and instantly felt like we had known each other in another life. We had a magnetic force pulling us together that we couldn’t explain at the time, but definitely understand now- The magnetic force was God aligning our lives together because He created each of us with the other person in mind. Our love is fun, fierce, and on-fire for God”
This beautiful shoot was featured on the Utah Bride Blog! Check out more at  


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