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Stephanie Jade

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November 9, 2018

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Nate and Kezia- St George Engagements

Nate and Kezia were married in September and have been living their “Happily Ever After”, every day since! But we all know that before Happily Ever After, theres engagement shoots. This gorgeous couple lit a flame behind my camera lens with their love in the beautiful Snow Canyon.
 But before they were married, or even taking engagement pictures, Kezia and I met when I was serving an LDS mission in the Georgia, Atlanta mission! Turns out, she’s from Southern Utah, and now I live here too! Southern Utah is filled with the deepest reds and largest variety of natural colors, which luckily for me (and all my southern Utah friends), makes for great photography! Once again, one place where you can find this beautiful arrangement of colors is where this shoot was taken, Snow Canyon! Here’s to Nate and Kezia and their Happily Ever After!

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