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Stephanie Jade

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November 9, 2018

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Alaska Engagement Photos \ Tess and Issac \ Alaska Photographer

Meet Tessa and Isaac! Or as I like to call them, my dream couple! They are both BYU Idaho students who just happened to have moved to Alaska for the summer! Did I mention I LOVE Alaska and the fact that these two spent an entire summer together there fills me with just a slight sliver of jealousy, but mostly a whole lot of hope and happiness and goosebumps for seeing love and adventure intertwined in one breath taking couple! These two are so adventurous! We had so much fun crossing rivers and climbing trees, and I loved watching Isaac give Tessa a piggy- back ride through the mud and rivers we crossed. Yeah, I know, hope and happiness and goosebumps, I feel it too. Tessa and Isaac added such emotion to the shoot, but I also want to give creds to the beautiful Alaskan outdoors. It was such a sweet experience to get to see a new part of the world and have memories of adventure and beauty and love all tied together with this shoot. Definitely one of my favorites. Cheers to adventure, cheers to love, cheers to those who find both in the same place!

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