"I worked with a lot of people for my wedding. Stephanie was by far the most genuine, the kindest, and the easiest to hang out with. She was a pleasure to be around, and I now I want to just hang out with her, because she is genuine. She is real. And she is wonderful."

So you probably want to know alittle bit about me, right? I mean if I'm going to be chilling with you on the most important day of your life you probably should want to know a little somethin' somethin about this chic.  I never planned on being a photographer. I was doing hair and make up for weddings, Taking photos for my portfolio and accidentally fell in love with  having a camera in my hand. Yes, my job before this was literally to make brides look GOOD.

I started sharing my work on instagram and then BAM. People were sliding into my DMS and I was flying across the country documenting love stories. My love for nature and art have been brought together by this wonderful job of mine. It doesn't matter if it's the red dessert of Utah, the rivers in Alaska, or the art museums in Europe, I’m always ready for a new adventure. 
Enough about me, I want to hear about YOU. Tell me about your life, your love, your dogs, and what adventures you have planned. 
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